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ESG Scoring Infrastructure for People and Planet.

OpenESG enables consumers to identify the truth of a company's sustainability and all companies to embed ESG impact metrics into their business models, spotlighting how they are restoring our planet and our societies.

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Proudly building the future with our valued partners:

Businesses can be a leading force in shaping an equitable, sustainable world.

They just need the right incentives.

Legacy ESG rating systems tilt companies in the wrong direction: they measure the risks to company's performance from ESG factors, not the company's impacts on Planet, People and Societies. The outcome? Greenwashing.

We neutralize greenwashing by nudging companies towards positive action and highlighting progress - not assisting them to fulfill compliance tick boxes.

OpenESG is a transparent, democratic, inclusive, and credibly neutral ESG scoring system that accelerates the emergence of Regenerative Capitalism.

It restores trust in ESG scoring through novel Web3 design principles that ensure stakeholders within the system are incentivized to serve people and planet, while focusing on creating financial value.

Components of the OpenESG System:

Multiple Data Streams

OpenESG uses multiple legacy and novel data streams: from partnerships across rating agencies, data vendors, and NGOs, to public news and sentiment vendors and companies who are incentivized to make disclosures.

OpenESG Expert Council

The data streams will be curated and weighted by a decentralized, OpenESG Expert Council, governed by a 1 member 1 vote system, that is open on the blockchain. Only radical transparency can restore trust.

OpenESG Data Validator

Individuals and organizations are incentivized to validate self-reported data by companies through bounties, proving or disproving the data by whatever means appropriate for the situation and proposing validation to the DAO.

OpenESG Score

The resulting output of data curation, proper weighting based on diverse perspectives and decentralized validation is a dynamic, democratic, and credibly neutral ESG Score that can  measure the true impact of companies.

Application Layer

The application layer of OpenESG is a powerful platform for building new and innovative Regenerative Capitalism applications that engage consumers and incentivize companies to create positive change.

Our thesis is simple: we prove to companies that it pays to care.

Our OpenESG scores will power a new wave of applications capable of shifting customer awareness, engagement, purchasing behavior and investments towards high scoring companies.

Democratizing ESG: better business behaviors across all regions, industries and sizes.

Today, less than 50% of the publicly listed companies have an ESG score. Globally, the problem becomes even more apparent, with less than 0.01% of all companies being scored for their impact.

We democratize ESG by widening the spectrum of companies scored, making it simpler, more reliable, and ubiquitous for consumers, businesses and investors.

Why choose OpenESG over legacy ESG ratings?

Make Greenwashing more difficult and costly

Radical transparency makes it harder and more expensive for companies to mislead consumers.

More accurate and transparent ESG scores

Diverse data sources weighted dynamically contribute valuable input into a company’s ESG score.

Fairly reward positive action

Ensure all stakeholders are accurately recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

Wider spectrum of companies scored

More opportunities for benchmarking, improving transparency and accountability across industries.

Ubiquitous ESG scores for Consumers

Making it easier for individuals to compare companies across personalized dimensions.

Restored trust in ESG Scoring

Companies with better ESG scores build a stronger reputation, attracting customers, investors, and talent.

Decentralized, diverse and transparent governance

A dynamic Expert Council fosters trust and accuracy through the balance of diverse and capable points of views.

Rank companies on impact, not impression

People and Planet needs go beyond ticking compliance checkboxes. Companies are rewarded for real impact.

The OpenESG Expert Council

The OpenESG Expert Council is comprised of the world’s leading ESG experts, from all stakeholders of society and all regions of the world, who provide the intellectual and ethical guidance to define and maintain a truly independent set of ESG ratings.  Council members are nominated from science, academia, sustainability, finance, technology, industry and civil society to contribute their knowledge and expertise at the global, regional, local and industry level.

The Council will quickly grow to over 100 co-opted members as we continue to add experts over time to ensure diversity and plurality of perspectives. The Council will evolve as ESG-related issues evolve.

Join the OpenESG Expert Council

Join the OpenESG Expert Council and make a difference by contributing your knowledge and expertise to the development and improvement of the OpenESG ecosystem. As a council member, you'll have the opportunity to shape the future of sustainability and be recognized as a thought leader in the field.

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Discover the real-world impact of OpenESG:

Here are some of the initial use cases for OpenESG data across industries.


Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

OpenESG is transforming the way ESG data is used in investment decision-making. By providing a decentralized and transparent scoring system, OpenESG enables investors to access reliable and up-to-date ESG scores and data for companies.


Regenerative Capitalism App Developers

App Developers

Regenerative Capitalism App Developers

App developers can leverage the power of OpenESG to create new and innovative applications that drive positive impact, shifting customer awareness, engagement, purchasing behavior and investments towards high scoring companies.


E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce platforms can leverage the power of OpenESG to prioritize companies and products with high ESG scores, creating a more sustainable and responsible shopping experiences for their customers, and incentivizing companies to improve their ESG performance.


Supply Chain Financing

Supply Chain Financing

Supply Chain Financing

OpenESG supports supply chain financiers to make better-informed decisions and align their financing with their values and priorities, driving end-to-end positive change and supporting the emergence of regenerative capitalism.

A better version of ESG is upon us.

We are building digital infrastructure, products and services that enable businesses, consumers, creators and other builders to generate positive impact in the world.

Our unique value proposition combines radical transparency with meaningful consumer engagement, creating new incentives for businesses to behave better and become leading forces in shaping a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our team

An experienced team of founders and investors in the Climate, ESG, Food and Consumer Goods sectors.

David Aikman
David Aikman
Chairman, Co-Founder

Formerly MD World Economic Forum & International Olympic Committee

Tee Ganbold
Tee Ganbold
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Formerly ConsenSys & Cambridge Analytica, Co-Founder of Clear AI

Daniel Ellison
Daniel Ellison
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Formerly Lead Developer & Mentor ConsenSys, Founding Member of Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Phil Green
Phil Green
Chief Financial Officer

Formerly CFO EMEA of Amazon, Groupon & Group CFO Deliveroo

Leyla Sertel
Leyla Sertel
Chief of Staff

Formerly MD Quorum Europe and FiscalNote

Daniel Tedesco
Daniel Tedesco
Head of DAOs

Principal Consultant at Google, Columbia Business School MBA

Bruno Ahualli
Bruno Ahualli
Executive Marketing Advisor

Managing Partner Kilonova Ventures, Formerly CMO Boson Protocol & CMO Panther Protocol

Jeff Green
Jeff Green
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Former IBM & Private Equity, now serial ESG Investor

Daros Nakai
Daros Nakai
Market Analyst Intern

Software Engineering Student, Sustainable Agricultural Projects in Brazil

Let’s rewire the incentives of the global economy.

Take the first step towards a more sustainable future by joining our community and supporting our mission.

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OpenESG Check: Free and Easy Access for Everyone.

76% of consumers claim they will discontinue relations with companies that treat employees, communities and the environment poorly. Yet, legacy ESG ratings are opaque, so most consumers don't actually know how well their favorite companies fare in ESG Metrics.

That lack of awareness is troublesome and creates another problem: Companies are currently not incentivized to behave better.

OpenESG Check is a first step in the right direction. It makes ESG transparent, and useful for consumers. OpenESG Check is a browser extension that allows anyone to check the OpenESG Score of any company just by visiting its website.

Join the Waitlist and Get Early Access to OpenESG Check:
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"A revolutionary new scoring system that promises to transform the way Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores are determined"


Answers to common questions about OpenESG and our commitment to a more sustainable future.

What is OpenESG and how does it differ from other ESG rating systems?

OpenESG is the first open, democratic and credibly neutral ESG rating utility. It simplifies Environmental, Social and Governance reporting metrics. This way, a much broader and diverse set of companies (including startups, SMEs, etc.) can have an OpenESG score. This is in contrast to legacy rating systems, which are focused only on publicly-traded companies and the largest private companies. SMEs and startups can find it cost-prohibitive to implement.

Traditional ESG ratings systems assess the risk of ESG factors like climate change to the long-term profitability of companies.  OpenESG creates a complementary standard by focusing on the impact that companies have on our planet, people and societies. OpenESG favors action and results over policies and intentions.

How are OpenESG ratings calculated and who is involved in the process?

The OpenESG score is curated by an independent, decentralized, multi-stakeholder Expert Council made up of the world’s leading ESG experts.  The OpenESG metrics, the OpenESG scoring methodology and all decisions to modify them are curated by the Expert Council, made public and captured on the blockchain for immutability. We believe that radical transparency can restore trust in ESG standards.

What are the benefits of using the OpenESG rating system?

OpenESG is easy and accessible to all companies, of all sizes and stages of development, in all industries and countries around the world. Scoring your company or products will be free and simple to do.

All companies can benefit from building OpenESG impact metrics into their business models. Finding ways to reduce the negative impact of your business drives innovation and cost-savings across the company; employees and customers feel better about your brand; access to capital may become easier, especially for companies that have never reported before.

How can companies get rated and what information is required?

OpenESG will aggregate third-party data, simplifying many of the benchmarking and indexing requirements for the score.  Companies can enter their own voluntary disclosures through an online portal or questionnaire.  The OpenESG metrics focus on the material impacts that companies have on the world around them, therefore information such as energy intensity of production, percentage of waste to landfills, wage gaps or measures to fight corruption will be required to obtain a score.

Companies with verified and audited disclosures will receive positive modifiers to their scores. The OpenESG metrics and scores will evolve over time in real-time as new ESG issues and impacts come to light: company scores will accordingly be updated automatically.

How can investors and consumers use OpenESG ratings to make informed decisions?

We aim for the OpenESG scoring infrastructure to become ubiquitous through our network of partnerships and affiliates. Connecting ESG factors to impact will make scores more understandable, transparent and reliable for consumers and investors alike. While most consumers are still unfamiliar with ESG scores, research has shown that most consumers want to purchase from ethical and responsible companies. We want to mainstream ESG thinking into consumers’ daily behavior (like nutritional content has become ubiquitous on food packaging). From an investor perspective, OpenESG scores, data and analytics will provide new perspectives on existing, rated companies and open a whole new swath of companies for consideration, especially in emerging markets.

How can the OpenESG rating system promote sustainability and hold companies accountable for their actions?

We believe that businesses can be a leading force in shaping a more equitable and sustainable world - provided incentives are aligned. Our current economic systems tend to incentivize short-term, extractive and exploitative business models. We believe that increased transparency and accountability about the true impacts of companies on our planet, people and societies will support the emergence of more regenerative economic models and business practices. Leveraging emerging technologies like blockchain in our scoring infrastructure will increase transparency and accountability.

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